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My Equi Art / Dog Portrait

My Equi Art / Dog Portrait

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About The Portrait

Thank you for trusting me with your dog!

Every portrait is handmade by me with your dog's unique head shape and facial markings based on your pictures.

My Equi Art is my artistic expression of your dog. I work with an abstract minimalistic design and limit my options by using dual tones. Hence, faded and blurred areas are represented as if from a distance. My works mission is to capture the personality and soul of your dog.

For examples please visit our instagram!

Thank you

Frame & Framing

You can choose to let me frame the portrait for you. Our black and white frames are made of pine and the natural wood frames are oak. All frames have plexiglass that does not break and safe to hang in the stable or children's room. When adding a frame the total price will change at top of page for your information.

  • Information about your Dog

Photo Instructions

Think of the following with your pictures for best result:

  • One straight on dogs face
  • One slightly from above

    Don't worry! If I think the pictures are not good enough I will contact you.

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