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Personal portrait of your horse.

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Amalia, the founder, and amazing artist is a wonderful person who puts so much effort and passion into your unique beautiful picture! She tries to put every little detail into the picture and capture your horse as realistic as it is, with success! Thank you so much for giving me this beautiful memory!

Anne Schockemöhle, Germany

Absolutely amazing! I ordered 3 portraits from our homebred mares and they look like they have seen the horses in real life! Really over the moon with them!

Maaike Theunis, Netherlands

Amalia’s artwork is so beautiful, with thoughtful care given to each design. I feel so close to my horses each time I look at her work, and am recommending this to everyone I know who has ever had a horse in their family. 1,000 stars!

Tally Swanson, USA

Magnificent! A great idea for horse lovers. The rendering is awesome!

Melle Audrey Samson, France

Love all 7 of the creations I had done! She nailed each and every one. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Champagne, USA

Great service, quick and reliable. Very satisfied with the final result. It was a gift and it has been very much appreciated.

Sabina Vivarelli, Italy

I absolutely love the 2 portraits that she made for me. They look exactly like my horses, she even notices the smallest details & that is what makes them so special and unique.

Saskia, Netherlands

I absolutely love the portrait that they did of my horse. He has such a distinct marking on his face, and a little knick on his left ear since he was a colt. They captured all of it beautifully. I’m very happy with my order. Ended up ordering two additional ones for friends.

Kristen Kalisz, USA

Thank you so much for such nice customer service. More companies should follow you!

Elsa H, Sweden

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